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DIY Office Design... At Your Own Risk

Read our first article in Dental Economics October 2015 issue. 
DIY Office Design... At Your Own Risk

Friday, September 25, 2015

October 2015 Medical Office Design of the Month - Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

Interview with Dr. Timothy Miller, M.D.

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1. How did you make your decision to design a medical office?

It was time for me to open my own practice, and I wanted to make the office exemplify the type of services I wanted to offer. 

2. How did you find your  design team?

I found EMDG though a web search.  I was looking for Interior Designers who had experience with medical offices.  It was difficult to find a commercial design team who did medical offices.  It is a completely different type of team required due to HIPPA etc.  I feel like I was lucky to find EMDG, and your web site was the only one I found that impressed me esthetically.  I thought it would be easier to find a design firm especially living in LA county, but it was very difficult to find a local team who made me feel comfortable.  I was very excited when I found EMDG and knew I had made the right decision immediately after speaking with them.

3. How did you plan your budget and were you able to stay on budget?

I was right on budget.  The overall building actually cost less than the original financial projection that you all did for me.  The only surprise for me was the contractor who did some ordering wrong.  It was a constant  struggle with them because they continually messed up on the ordering schedule for the finish materials. It was very frustrating but it turned out fine in the end. I was very excited to be able to come in under budget- otherwise the cost overruns would have been my responsibility.

4. How long did your project take and what did was the estimated time?

Construction was delayed, off by 3 months but not because they didn’t have the design documentation.  It ended up being were just slightly longer than they projected due to some materials being delayed on shipment, but I was still happy with the construction time line.

5. How important was the pre-planning phase to your project?

I think the planning phase was critical to the outcome.  I can totally see how if you skipped these steps you would pay more because decisions would be made on site that would add to the overall costs.  Since each step was completely thought out, there were no surprises. That is a GOOD thing.
6. What are some of your favorite things about architectural and interior design elements?
My favorite element is my reception area with the etched glass, molded corian (ceredeoumous)  on the desk.  I also LOVE the carpet.  It is beautifully unique and amazing.  It is so different and sets the tone of the entire office- sophisticated but comfortable, not stuffy. I just get so many compliments on this office. The patients love it because it makes them feel special to be there. 

7. Overall how was the whole design experience for you?

I could not be more pleased.  I continue to recommend EMDG to any colleagues who are going through his process because of the professionalism of the team and how well my office turned out.

8. How do you and the staff feel and perform in your new office; has your production changed and has your practice become more efficient?

There has been steady growth from the beginning, patients have found me from my website and SEO Facebook, and marketing material.  My location is also great.  I seem to attract normal people, very nice to deal with and they continue to recommend us to their friends.  I specialize in the face and my revenue is driven by surgeries, but I do a lot of fillers and Botox as well.

9. What has been the patient feedback?

The patient’s love the office, they comment on how stylish it is, how comfortable they feel here.  They have nothing but good things to say.  

10. Do you have any additional comments?

Personally,I love coming to the office, it validates all my dreams!

The Team LOVES their space, the outside porch for the team and the break room.

EnviroMed exceeded my expectations!

I liked Live Oak Bank.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Reality of Those Reality Do-It Yourself Shows and How They Can Turn Your Dental or Medical Project into a Nightmare

The Reality of Those Reality Do-It Yourself Shows and How They Can Turn Your Dental or Medical Project into a Nightmare

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Every now and then we get requests for what seem to be design for a dime offices done in 30 days.   It has left us pondering where this unrealistic expectation has come from.   One source may be from various DIY shows or from watching different reality shows that feature designers  revamping a space in a week for less than $2,000.

These shows are great for getting ideas for small jobs around your home.  But when it comes to your dental or medical office, a place built for healthcare and your livelihood,  they seem to set people up for disappointment and unexpected expenses and delays.

Many of these shows spend a lot of money and time pre-planning and planning out what the designs will look like and who will execute the design before the cameras ever turn on.  The designers you see also have staff of many people who help them behind the scenes so that they have time to be the face and voice on camera.  Often, when shows go on location, they hire local designers to do the legwork and work up front so that they can claim it is theirs on TV.

It is what happens during this time, what the people off camera do, the planning of every wall, color and item placement, the additional un-published financing, and the manpower it takes to resource materials that goes on behind the scenes that the general public does not hear about.  It is with these crucial steps that good design happens.  Without them, the end goal could never be accomplished.  

You can build an office inexpensively. You can build an office right.  You can build and office fast... but you can't build an office fast, right and on a dime.  

Before you get too deep into a project that will only disappoint you, call us.  We will show you how to build your office right the first time while sticking to your budget and saving you time from proper planning at the beginning. 

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What Does Your Social Media Say About Your Practice?

What Does Social Media Say About Your Practice?

By Shay Berman 
Your Digital Resource
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What does your social media say about your practice?

You may have heard how social media is influencing businesses all around the globe, yet you don't know why it's important or what it can really do for your business. Facebook alone has over 750 million active users and 44% of people who went on the Internet yesterday visited Facebook. With so many people conversing in one place it can make or break any practice. Below is what your social media pages, or lack-of social media pages say about your practice.

We’re here: Having a Facebook page for your practice legitimizes you to the Internet connected world. Many people can overlook your practice’s existence just because they didn’t find its Facebook page. If you have a page but you aren’t maintaining it with fun and engaging posts, customers may think you’ve gone out of business or just don’t care to stay up do date with the latest business practices.

We’re real: Social media was built on one thing, being social. There is no better opportunity to show the world what your practice stands for than on your company’s Facebook page. Use social media to show your patients that you’re real, you care and that they can look to you for answers about industry topics. Customers can feel your practice out and take a deeper look into your company’s culture, making them feel comfortable enough to ask a question or even come in for a visit. 

We have nothing to hide: There are many consumers who believe that a business with no Facebook page may have something to hide. A lot can run through a patient’s mind like, “Maybe they’re afraid of negative comments being posted, maybe their facilities aren’t as clean as they look on the website, and maybe they aren’t open to obtaining new patients or answering my questions.” These questions among many others may deter a potential patient from coming in for a visit. Don’t let a lack of social media presence hurt your chances of obtaining new business.

Tell your friends about us: Social media is the ultimate word of mouth tool. With word of mouth someone has to see a friend or family member to be able to tell them about a good experience they had at your office. Not only do they have to see someone to be able to tell them how great your practice is, but they have to remember you during conversation. The best part about social media is that it’s instant and it reaches everyone immediately. If a patient leaves your office feeling great then you’ll want to make sure as many people find out as possible. Leverage social media to announce to all your patient’s friends and followers how great your practice is while making it come from a reliable and trustworthy source. The average Facebook user has over 400 friends. Turn their friends into new patients!

Come again: Want to stay in touch with your patients even after they left the office? Want them to remember where they went the last time they needed a doctor? Want to drive more word of mouth than you ever thought possible? Facebook is a machine of exponential growth. For every one person you get to “Like” your Facebook page, an average of 200 more people see that action. Word of mouth use to work where you had to see/talk to someone in order to spread positivity about a business. Now a simple “Like” or “Share” on a social network sends that message to hundreds of people instantly. Not only can you spread your word of mouth but you can also lock your patients into what I like to call your “Social Media Eco-System.” Once a patient “Likes” your page, there is a very slim chance that they will “Unlike” the page and stop seeing your messages. Collecting these “Likes” in combination with daily posting will keep your followers engaged and remembering your practice. If they are remembering your practice and seeing your posts every day, would it make sense that you’re always on their mind when they think about a doctor, dentist, etc? Studies have shown that social media posts are heavily recalled when thinking about real life situations. Get posting and start letting your patients spread the word for you.

What you can do: Don’t miss the opportunity to be that practice that grabs hold of the reigns, interacts with your patients online, and excels in business. Social media is still young, but not in its infancy. Jump on board now before you’re left wondering how it could have helped, had you started at the right time. For more information about social media and your practice, or to get a free Social Media Analysis, call 248-990-3179 or visit Happy posting!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Investing in the Waterleaf Medical Center? Amazing Design Can Enhance Your Investment

The Waterleaf Medical Center in Austin, Texas may soon become the cities all inclusive healthcare stop. If you plan on investing in a property at the Waterleaf Medical Center you may want to consider getting your office professionally designed. A professionally designed office can enhance the patient experience as well as your own. Don't let a stuffy medical office design stand in the way of productivity, revenue and patient satisfaction.
Hughes Capital Management (HCM) is developing a 19,000 square foot medical center at the intersection of Davis Lane and South Mopac Expressway in Austin, Texas. This project will provide new medical office space in Southwest Austin. The project was scheduled for delivery at the end of 2013/early 2014 and plans feature a masonry and glass exterior, structural steel frame construction, and Class A interior lobby finishes.
According to HCM, "Marketing efforts are underway for the property and only 2,000 square feet of space is available. The site is immediately adjacent to some of Austin's best neighborhoods, is highly visible from Mopac Expressway, and has superior access. Opportunities exist for rental or condominium purchase.
In addition to Waterleaf Medical Center 1, HCM has begun the development process on Waterleaf Medical 2. The property is located on the West side of South Mopac and Davis Lane consisting of a 19,000 square foot medical office building with expected completion in late 2014. The entire Waterleaf Medical Center will create the largest medical office buildings node in Southwest Austin after completion. High demand in this relatively untapped medical market has created a unique opportunity for medical practitioners that are seeking to lease or own their own real estate investment."
A beautifully designed office can enhance any real estate investment. Let EnviroMed Design group design you the perfect medical practice. If you are looking to expand your practice, move your practice, or start a practice, we can help.  Whether you are doing a simple remodel of your current office or breaking ground on a new one, the experienced team at EnviroMed Design Group can guide you along every step of the way.  Our team has designed numerous offices of just about every size and for every budget all across the country. If you're one of the business savvy practice owners looking to enhance your medical office design, you've come to the right place.
Call us at 512-707-7400 for your Free phone consultation and Free "Love Where You Work" design book! Don't wait!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

You Can't Afford Not to Hire a Professional Design Team

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We have often wondered why so many doctors seem reluctant to the idea of hiring an architect or interior designer who specializes in dental and medical design for their dental or medical offices.

We believe the biggest misperception may be the thought that they are not a necessary part of the design and construction process and that they add great expense to the overall costs of the project through their fees and adding design elements that add costs. 

We have found that the reality actually has the opposite effect. The services that these professionals offer can actually SAVE money on a project and even ADD Value to your new office by making one of the largest impacts on the doctors' productivity, staff retention and patient marketing. 

*A professional specialized  design team knows how to layout the floor plan to maximize efficiency in the day to day operations, thereby, increasing overall production.  They also have the knowledge to make sure that the drawings are as detailed as possible to reduce costly change orders that could arise from omissions that aren't discovered until after construction has started. 

*Design experts are intimately familiar with sourcing of services, materials, furniture and equipment that can save you hours of time so that you can continue seeing patients and working at what you do best while they handle what they do best. 

* Your office is the biggest marketing campaign you will invest in.  A professional design team knows exactly how to reduce fear and instill trust by creating spaces that patients will not only look forward to coming to by they will become your biggest advocates when they start telling their family and friends about your new office. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Our Original "Office of the Month" Interview with Dr. Frank Angus

Stephanie Morgan Interview with Dr. Angus

Dental Office Waiting Area
When did you know you wanted to become a dentist?
During my junior year at Davidson College, I decided on dentistry as a career because I saw that this profession would give me a high quality of life in terms of balancing my professional and family life.

How did you make your decision to design a dental office?
Both my son, F. Lee Angus, Jr., and my daughter, Rebecca Angus, decided to follow me into the practice of dentistry for much the same reasons as I did. My old office space was minimally functional for just myself, and I knew I needed a new space if my children were to join me in the practice. I saw this as an opportunity to build the practice of my dreams and one that would be a legacy for Lee and Rebecca.

How did you find your architect, general contractor, and design team?
I researched many different avenues to find my team including dental journals, seminars, and also interviewed design firms. THe Design stood out as the best fit for helping me to achieve my goals. I chose THe Design for planning, floor plan, and interior design. Leipertz, Inc. was chosen after interviewing several local contractors.

How did you plan your budget and were you able to stay on budget?
I worked very closely with Dr. Jacque Russo. She was very knowledgeable with construction costs and financing costs. I was able to follow her directions and obtain realistic costs from architects, contractors, and banks. I came in within the budget due to the fact of pre-construction planning.

How long did your project take and what did was the estimated time?
The estimated time was 2 years. The planning took 2 years and the construction took 1 year. 

Completion Date?
October 2006

How important was the pre-planning phase to your project (elaborate)?
It was extremely important in order to have a budget that would fit into the ability of my practice to repay the loans. It was also extremely important so that I would achieve the result I wanted at the end of the project so that the new facility would meet both my current needs and future needs. Again, Dr. Jacque Russo was integral in assisting me at this phase of the project.

What kind of direction/information did you give your design team on how you wanted the office feel/look?
My wife Cheryl , my daughter Rebecca, and I traveled to Austin to meet with Stephanie Morgan and Gordon King to discuss our aesthetic goals for the office. We brought pictures from magazines and books to communicate the look we were going for. Stephanie showed us hundreds of samples and together we designed the office so that it would be soothing and comfortable for the patients, highly efficient for the staff and patient flow, and reflected an old world and modern Mediterranean feel. 

How do you like the finishes and furnishings used throughout your office?
It is exciting and extremely pleasurable to work in such a unique and beautiful office. It makes me very proud when I hear patients say how relaxed they are when they come into my office and how they have never seen a dental office like this before. They have been very quick to tell others about it.

What are some of your favorite things about architectural and interior design elements?
Some of our favorite things are the high quality details including barrel vaulted ceilings, textured walls, beautiful comfortable furniture, original artwork, efficient patient and work flow, ample storage, large attractive staff lounge with galley kitchen, and general spaciousness. All design features flow together in harmony to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

How did you decide on the technology for your office, who helped, and how was the process?
I knew where technology was in dentistry today from journals, dental meetings, equipment and sales representatives, and personal experience. I enlisted specialists in computer technology (IT Practice), telephone technology (Televox), cabling and audiovisual (Optech), and chairside audiovisual and monitors (Steve Seltzer with TLC Systems). It took a tremendous amount of my time to administrate and coordinate the technology.

What kind of technology do you have in your office and how do you like it.
I love it! See list of technology.

Overall how was the whole design experience for you?
Exhausting, but the end result was well worth it, and I couldn't have done it without Dr. Russo, Stephanie Morgan, and the others guiding me through the process. It culminated in our practice winning the MATSCO/Dental Economics Group Practice Dental Office Design Award for 2007.

How do you and the staff feel and perform in your new office; has your production changed and has your practice become more efficient?
Overall , production has doubled in the year and a half since we’ve been in the new office. The number of new patients has tripled as word has spread throughout the community. The staff love coming to work in such a beautiful and efficient place where they have everything at their fingertips. Our daily stress level has decreased tremendously due to the great improvement in our work environment. 
Dental Office

What kind of experience do your patients say they have at your new office?
We hear words like: amazing, soothing, relaxing, spa-like, wow, etc. Patients frequently ask us for our paint colors, furniture makers, and wall-coverings because they have been looking for this exact feel in their homes. That is a high complement to me and to Stephanie Morgan.