Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

You Can't Afford Not to Hire a Professional Design Team

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We have often wondered why so many doctors seem reluctant to the idea of hiring an architect or interior designer who specializes in dental and medical design for their dental or medical offices.

We believe the biggest misperception may be the thought that they are not a necessary part of the design and construction process and that they add great expense to the overall costs of the project through their fees and adding design elements that add costs. 

We have found that the reality actually has the opposite effect. The services that these professionals offer can actually SAVE money on a project and even ADD Value to your new office by making one of the largest impacts on the doctors' productivity, staff retention and patient marketing. 

*A professional specialized  design team knows how to layout the floor plan to maximize efficiency in the day to day operations, thereby, increasing overall production.  They also have the knowledge to make sure that the drawings are as detailed as possible to reduce costly change orders that could arise from omissions that aren't discovered until after construction has started. 

*Design experts are intimately familiar with sourcing of services, materials, furniture and equipment that can save you hours of time so that you can continue seeing patients and working at what you do best while they handle what they do best. 

* Your office is the biggest marketing campaign you will invest in.  A professional design team knows exactly how to reduce fear and instill trust by creating spaces that patients will not only look forward to coming to by they will become your biggest advocates when they start telling their family and friends about your new office. 

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