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Throwback Thursday, Our Original "Office of the Month" Interview with Dr. Frank Angus

Stephanie Morgan Interview with Dr. Angus

Dental Office Waiting Area
When did you know you wanted to become a dentist?
During my junior year at Davidson College, I decided on dentistry as a career because I saw that this profession would give me a high quality of life in terms of balancing my professional and family life.

How did you make your decision to design a dental office?
Both my son, F. Lee Angus, Jr., and my daughter, Rebecca Angus, decided to follow me into the practice of dentistry for much the same reasons as I did. My old office space was minimally functional for just myself, and I knew I needed a new space if my children were to join me in the practice. I saw this as an opportunity to build the practice of my dreams and one that would be a legacy for Lee and Rebecca.

How did you find your architect, general contractor, and design team?
I researched many different avenues to find my team including dental journals, seminars, and also interviewed design firms. THe Design stood out as the best fit for helping me to achieve my goals. I chose THe Design for planning, floor plan, and interior design. Leipertz, Inc. was chosen after interviewing several local contractors.

How did you plan your budget and were you able to stay on budget?
I worked very closely with Dr. Jacque Russo. She was very knowledgeable with construction costs and financing costs. I was able to follow her directions and obtain realistic costs from architects, contractors, and banks. I came in within the budget due to the fact of pre-construction planning.

How long did your project take and what did was the estimated time?
The estimated time was 2 years. The planning took 2 years and the construction took 1 year. 

Completion Date?
October 2006

How important was the pre-planning phase to your project (elaborate)?
It was extremely important in order to have a budget that would fit into the ability of my practice to repay the loans. It was also extremely important so that I would achieve the result I wanted at the end of the project so that the new facility would meet both my current needs and future needs. Again, Dr. Jacque Russo was integral in assisting me at this phase of the project.

What kind of direction/information did you give your design team on how you wanted the office feel/look?
My wife Cheryl , my daughter Rebecca, and I traveled to Austin to meet with Stephanie Morgan and Gordon King to discuss our aesthetic goals for the office. We brought pictures from magazines and books to communicate the look we were going for. Stephanie showed us hundreds of samples and together we designed the office so that it would be soothing and comfortable for the patients, highly efficient for the staff and patient flow, and reflected an old world and modern Mediterranean feel. 

How do you like the finishes and furnishings used throughout your office?
It is exciting and extremely pleasurable to work in such a unique and beautiful office. It makes me very proud when I hear patients say how relaxed they are when they come into my office and how they have never seen a dental office like this before. They have been very quick to tell others about it.

What are some of your favorite things about architectural and interior design elements?
Some of our favorite things are the high quality details including barrel vaulted ceilings, textured walls, beautiful comfortable furniture, original artwork, efficient patient and work flow, ample storage, large attractive staff lounge with galley kitchen, and general spaciousness. All design features flow together in harmony to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

How did you decide on the technology for your office, who helped, and how was the process?
I knew where technology was in dentistry today from journals, dental meetings, equipment and sales representatives, and personal experience. I enlisted specialists in computer technology (IT Practice), telephone technology (Televox), cabling and audiovisual (Optech), and chairside audiovisual and monitors (Steve Seltzer with TLC Systems). It took a tremendous amount of my time to administrate and coordinate the technology.

What kind of technology do you have in your office and how do you like it.
I love it! See list of technology.

Overall how was the whole design experience for you?
Exhausting, but the end result was well worth it, and I couldn't have done it without Dr. Russo, Stephanie Morgan, and the others guiding me through the process. It culminated in our practice winning the MATSCO/Dental Economics Group Practice Dental Office Design Award for 2007.

How do you and the staff feel and perform in your new office; has your production changed and has your practice become more efficient?
Overall , production has doubled in the year and a half since we’ve been in the new office. The number of new patients has tripled as word has spread throughout the community. The staff love coming to work in such a beautiful and efficient place where they have everything at their fingertips. Our daily stress level has decreased tremendously due to the great improvement in our work environment. 
Dental Office

What kind of experience do your patients say they have at your new office?
We hear words like: amazing, soothing, relaxing, spa-like, wow, etc. Patients frequently ask us for our paint colors, furniture makers, and wall-coverings because they have been looking for this exact feel in their homes. That is a high complement to me and to Stephanie Morgan.

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