Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Does Your Social Media Say About Your Practice?

What Does Social Media Say About Your Practice?

By Shay Berman 
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What does your social media say about your practice?

You may have heard how social media is influencing businesses all around the globe, yet you don't know why it's important or what it can really do for your business. Facebook alone has over 750 million active users and 44% of people who went on the Internet yesterday visited Facebook. With so many people conversing in one place it can make or break any practice. Below is what your social media pages, or lack-of social media pages say about your practice.

We’re here: Having a Facebook page for your practice legitimizes you to the Internet connected world. Many people can overlook your practice’s existence just because they didn’t find its Facebook page. If you have a page but you aren’t maintaining it with fun and engaging posts, customers may think you’ve gone out of business or just don’t care to stay up do date with the latest business practices.

We’re real: Social media was built on one thing, being social. There is no better opportunity to show the world what your practice stands for than on your company’s Facebook page. Use social media to show your patients that you’re real, you care and that they can look to you for answers about industry topics. Customers can feel your practice out and take a deeper look into your company’s culture, making them feel comfortable enough to ask a question or even come in for a visit. 

We have nothing to hide: There are many consumers who believe that a business with no Facebook page may have something to hide. A lot can run through a patient’s mind like, “Maybe they’re afraid of negative comments being posted, maybe their facilities aren’t as clean as they look on the website, and maybe they aren’t open to obtaining new patients or answering my questions.” These questions among many others may deter a potential patient from coming in for a visit. Don’t let a lack of social media presence hurt your chances of obtaining new business.

Tell your friends about us: Social media is the ultimate word of mouth tool. With word of mouth someone has to see a friend or family member to be able to tell them about a good experience they had at your office. Not only do they have to see someone to be able to tell them how great your practice is, but they have to remember you during conversation. The best part about social media is that it’s instant and it reaches everyone immediately. If a patient leaves your office feeling great then you’ll want to make sure as many people find out as possible. Leverage social media to announce to all your patient’s friends and followers how great your practice is while making it come from a reliable and trustworthy source. The average Facebook user has over 400 friends. Turn their friends into new patients!

Come again: Want to stay in touch with your patients even after they left the office? Want them to remember where they went the last time they needed a doctor? Want to drive more word of mouth than you ever thought possible? Facebook is a machine of exponential growth. For every one person you get to “Like” your Facebook page, an average of 200 more people see that action. Word of mouth use to work where you had to see/talk to someone in order to spread positivity about a business. Now a simple “Like” or “Share” on a social network sends that message to hundreds of people instantly. Not only can you spread your word of mouth but you can also lock your patients into what I like to call your “Social Media Eco-System.” Once a patient “Likes” your page, there is a very slim chance that they will “Unlike” the page and stop seeing your messages. Collecting these “Likes” in combination with daily posting will keep your followers engaged and remembering your practice. If they are remembering your practice and seeing your posts every day, would it make sense that you’re always on their mind when they think about a doctor, dentist, etc? Studies have shown that social media posts are heavily recalled when thinking about real life situations. Get posting and start letting your patients spread the word for you.

What you can do: Don’t miss the opportunity to be that practice that grabs hold of the reigns, interacts with your patients online, and excels in business. Social media is still young, but not in its infancy. Jump on board now before you’re left wondering how it could have helped, had you started at the right time. For more information about social media and your practice, or to get a free Social Media Analysis, call 248-990-3179 or visit Happy posting!

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