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DIY Office Design... At Your Own Risk

Read our first article in Dental Economics October 2015 issue. 
DIY Office Design... At Your Own Risk

Friday, September 25, 2015

October 2015 Medical Office Design of the Month - Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

Interview with Dr. Timothy Miller, M.D.

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1. How did you make your decision to design a medical office?

It was time for me to open my own practice, and I wanted to make the office exemplify the type of services I wanted to offer. 

2. How did you find your  design team?

I found EMDG though a web search.  I was looking for Interior Designers who had experience with medical offices.  It was difficult to find a commercial design team who did medical offices.  It is a completely different type of team required due to HIPPA etc.  I feel like I was lucky to find EMDG, and your web site was the only one I found that impressed me esthetically.  I thought it would be easier to find a design firm especially living in LA county, but it was very difficult to find a local team who made me feel comfortable.  I was very excited when I found EMDG and knew I had made the right decision immediately after speaking with them.

3. How did you plan your budget and were you able to stay on budget?

I was right on budget.  The overall building actually cost less than the original financial projection that you all did for me.  The only surprise for me was the contractor who did some ordering wrong.  It was a constant  struggle with them because they continually messed up on the ordering schedule for the finish materials. It was very frustrating but it turned out fine in the end. I was very excited to be able to come in under budget- otherwise the cost overruns would have been my responsibility.

4. How long did your project take and what did was the estimated time?

Construction was delayed, off by 3 months but not because they didn’t have the design documentation.  It ended up being were just slightly longer than they projected due to some materials being delayed on shipment, but I was still happy with the construction time line.

5. How important was the pre-planning phase to your project?

I think the planning phase was critical to the outcome.  I can totally see how if you skipped these steps you would pay more because decisions would be made on site that would add to the overall costs.  Since each step was completely thought out, there were no surprises. That is a GOOD thing.
6. What are some of your favorite things about architectural and interior design elements?
My favorite element is my reception area with the etched glass, molded corian (ceredeoumous)  on the desk.  I also LOVE the carpet.  It is beautifully unique and amazing.  It is so different and sets the tone of the entire office- sophisticated but comfortable, not stuffy. I just get so many compliments on this office. The patients love it because it makes them feel special to be there. 

7. Overall how was the whole design experience for you?

I could not be more pleased.  I continue to recommend EMDG to any colleagues who are going through his process because of the professionalism of the team and how well my office turned out.

8. How do you and the staff feel and perform in your new office; has your production changed and has your practice become more efficient?

There has been steady growth from the beginning, patients have found me from my website and SEO Facebook, and marketing material.  My location is also great.  I seem to attract normal people, very nice to deal with and they continue to recommend us to their friends.  I specialize in the face and my revenue is driven by surgeries, but I do a lot of fillers and Botox as well.

9. What has been the patient feedback?

The patient’s love the office, they comment on how stylish it is, how comfortable they feel here.  They have nothing but good things to say.  

10. Do you have any additional comments?

Personally,I love coming to the office, it validates all my dreams!

The Team LOVES their space, the outside porch for the team and the break room.

EnviroMed exceeded my expectations!

I liked Live Oak Bank.

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